Investment Process


  • Business Plans go to Granary Office in Harrogate for initial review
  • The Granary Core Team will meet to discuss submitted Plans weekly or two-weekly
  • Core team filters and sets up informal meetings with selected Management teams to  discuss Business Plan in-depth, ways of working together, ways of investing
  • For those opportunities where we decide to proceed a briefing paper is circulated to Granary Members


       A typical Granary investment  

  • EIS-qualifying (30% tax reliefs going in, no CGT on gains on exit)
  • A Granary team member will join the investee-co  Board
  • Equity stake  - but possibly some scope for mezzanine funding
  • Potential exit in 3-5 years
  • Minimum investment £20,000 per associate, per investment (but flexibility dependent on deal-size).
  • Granary will charge an annual membership fee to every associate.

       Granary’s team will invest (typically £50,000 - £250,000 per investment*) and work with the management team to help them achieve the potential of the business.


(*Granary has great connections across the financial sector and there may be scope above £250,000)

Funding for food businesses from food people


Granary Investment Partners

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