How the Granary process works



Collaborative, fast, clear


Personal approach from knowledgeable professionals



  • The first step in the process is to contact us and talk through your business plan. We expect to review up to 20 plans each year. From these a core team of Granary Partners and Associates will select 5-6 businesses teams to get to know better with a view to investing.


  • The key thing is to have a clear picture of your business, its aims, its financial position and where/how you feel that Granary could contribute most. The  Granary team will invest its own time in exploring and understanding you and your business opportunities.


  • Following this a more detailed exchange will unfold and in the end this will probably involve some form of Financial and/or Legal Due Diligence before an investment is made.


  • Granary is not a large, beauracratic private-equity fund. We want to keep the whole process collaborative, speedy and simple.




Funding for food businesses from food people


Granary Investment Partners

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